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Project & production manager

Wiebke Zippel was born in Aurich in 1981 and, after finishing high school in 2000, she turned her back on the cows to immerse herself in Hamburg’s vibrant cultural scene. Having completed her training in advertising, she switched to television. From 2004 onwards, she was a production assistant with Me, Myself and Eye Entertainment, first responsible for “Diet Duel”, and later for the backstage coordination of the projects

“The Dome”, “Bravo Supershow” and “Sunday Night Classics”. Another 2 years were spent working from Cologne on the productions “The Dome”, “Bravo Supershow”, “50 Years of BRAVO Gala, and “Alive and Swinging”.


After a brief spell abroad, Wiebke’s longing for Hamburg won through. On her return, she got involved in the field of documentaries such as “Our Best” for the ZDF network and “Summer of Love”, “Body Talk”, “Europe’s Heritage – The Great Dramatists” and “Tracks” for Arte. Having taken a year’s maternity leave, she has been supporting the Signed Media team since the summer of 2009, working on the ongoing projects by planning the film editing, making team and travel bookings, doing background research and taking care of the licensing.

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