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They rap about drugs, the street or hopelessness - many German rappers tell in their songs how they made it from the bottom to the top. But where do they really come from? How has their homeland, their hood actually shaped them? In eight episodes, the new DASDING format "Straight Outta" tells the stories and places that have made rappers who they are today. From Alligatoah and Eunique to Massiv and the Antilopen Gang, the format accompanies rappers on a trip through the streets of their homeland. Host Zino, known for his music journalism work for Backspin magazine, among others, shows the rappers their home neighborhoods from their point of view. Where did they first come into contact with drugs, where did they serve time in jail, or where are they now involved with the youth in their neighborhood?

3 Seasons, 28 episodes à 15 minutes


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