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TRACKSPLORER is the new hosted reportage format from Tracks. Together with hip-hop journalist Niko BACKSPIN, TRACKSPLORER explores exciting and in-depth stories from the rap world. The format portrays the people behind the art figure and makes visible the importance that hip-hop has for so many people. Be it residence problems, police violence or the confrontation with right-wing terror - away from the big business, it is often hard-hitting social issues that move the artists and their fans.

War in Ukraine: Niko Backspin meets Kontra K and Stasik

The Russian war of aggression on Ukraine affects artists from Europe in different ways. While the Ukrainian scene is partly actively involved in the war, artists from Germany try to help where help is needed with songs, messages, financial aid and energetic support at the border.

In this episode of TRACKSPLORER, Niko Backspin meets Berlin rapper Kontra K, who recorded the song "Stop wars" together with Capital Bra and Kalazh44. Kontra K has friends and family on both sides of the war.

Musician Anastasiya Shevchenko aka Stasik was already active as a soldier in eastern Ukraine in 2014. Now she is involved as a trainer for soldiers in Kiev and takes care of getting a good cappuccino every day.

"It's a matter of life and death!" Olexesh on the war in Ukraine 

The Russian invasion of Ukraine does also effect the German rap world. Beyond the general consternation, some of the country's biggest artists have very personal connections to the conflict. Rappers such as Olexesh, Capital Bra and Kontra K have been affected quite personally via kinship ties and friends on both sides of the war.

Olexesh was born in Kiev before moving to Germany with his mother. A large part of his family still lives in Ukraine. Niko Backspin talks to the rapper about the situation, how the song "Mama Ukraina, Papa Russia" came about and how he deals with the situation.

With nine coaches to the Ukrainian border: Niko Backspin meets Massiv

Hip-hop journalist Niko Backspin meets rapper Massiv in Berlin to talk about his experiences on the Polish-Ukrainian border. In the interview Massiv talks about his trip to the border, the experiences of flight in his own family, how he deals with criticism of his actions and what bothers him about the current discussion about the war and the treatment of refugees.

Volunteering on the front line: Rapper Otoy fights as a soldier in Ukraine

In this episode of TRACKSPLORER, Niko Backspin talks to Ukrainian rapper Otoy, who volunteered to be a soldier to defend his country after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Otoy explains why he decided to take this step, what his everyday life is like on and behind the front lines, and what gives him the strength to keep going.


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