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What do the great characters in the history of opera have to do with our own lives? Who are Carmen, Tosca, Siegfried,

La Traviata, Don Giovanni and Lulu today?

“Legend of Opera” tells the stories of great operas in a completely new way, using modern and rousing re-enactments, explained by the international stars of opera with the help of two reference performances.

The series follows the same recipe used in the first episode, “Legend of Carmen”: modern re-enactments place the respective operatic character squarely in the middle of our present times. Individual chapters examine the key issues of the character, which are spread out in the form of a kaleidoscope. International stars of opera, singers, conductors and directors explain what continues to fascinate us about the characters to this day. They explain their own take on the various heroes and describe what makes the operatic characters mythological. In doing so, they provide a distinctive, new and fresh perspective on the great works of music.

The film is augmented by footage shot behind the scenes, at the places where the operas were written, and with a répétiteur, allowing the film to move through our present times emotionally guided by the opera.

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