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                                    Scandals paints a colourful chronicle of the juiciest, dirtiest and hottest scandals of pop! At the same time, the films present a critical painting of the moral and media zeitgeist of the last 6 decades: from the bigoted fug of the 1950s, in which swinging one’s hips or flashing a bra was enough to trigger an earthquake. Through to “everything goes” and “political correctness” in times of the “economy of attention” that we live in today.

                                                on the great pop stars as examples, Pop Scandals describes what it took at different times to spark a legendary scandal – or to prevent one. Pop Scandals allows us to sense and experience how technological developments and the introduction of the principle of cost-effectiveness to the media created a “scandal machine” which has long since become a scandal itself.

                          appearances and commentaries by:

Elvis, The Beatles, Betty Page, Janis Joplin, Donna Summer, Franky Goes to Hollywood, Madonna, Ice T., Public Enemy, Britney Spears, Ice T. & Coco, Peaches, Kim Kardashian, Pussy Riot, Phil Spector, Jimmy Savile



2x 52 minutes


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