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Album of the month

This Month: Lil Yachty

The 5th album from the chief styler from Georgia, should already be one of the 23 - year winners.
His special trap variant relies on bandwidth without limits, and surprises with favorite tracks non stop!
"Let's Start Here" crosses straight air guitarist heavy rock with 70s psych mix, serves the 80s retro posse as well as the spoken words department
Alternative-Head Yachty, shows itself experiment-joyful up to the last groove, so that one wonders sometimes,
what is plugged to us at the next corner sound-technically: Classical music, church, mixtape hype & Co. Yachty rocks too.

Our recomended Tracks in a precisely curatored Playlist from Gerd Bischoff. 

Take a little break, open a new tab and enjoy the music while scrolling through our latest projects.



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