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TRACKSPLORER is the new hosted reportage format from Tracks. Together with hip-hop journalist Niko BACKSPIN, TRACKSPLORER explores exciting and in-depth stories from the rap world. The format portrays the people behind the art figure and makes visible the importance that hip-hop has for so many people. Be it residence problems, police violence or the confrontation with right-wing terror - away from the big business, it is often hard-hitting social issues that move the artists and their fans.

Rap & Deportation: NIKO BACKSPIN meets Sugar MMFK and AK AUSSERKONTROLLE

The topic is actually not new. Problems with residence status are part of everyday life for many migrant families. But outsiders often don't even notice. But something is changing. In the past year, prominent cases have brought the issue to the public's attention in a completely different way. For example, 21 Savage, who was arrested by U.S. border authorities in February for being in the United States illegally since 2006. The British rapper Cashh was deported to Jamaica, although he lived in London all his life. In Germany, two well-known artists have been caught: AK Ausserkontrolle from Berlin and Sugar MMFK from Bonn. Both were born and raised in Germany, both have lived from one “Duldung” ("temporary suspension of deportation") to the next all their lives and both were asked to leave Germany within a month last year...and both are still here.

Ep.1: In Bonn with Sugar MMFK and Lolito

Ep.3: In London with Cashh and Bumi Thomas

Ep.2: In Berlin with AK Ausserkontrolle and Hassan Akkouch

Rap against right wing-terror: NIKO BACKSPIN meets AZZI MEMO, CELO & ABDI, TOLA, CREDIBIL

The racist attack in Hanau has hit the Rhine-Main area to the core. This has led to Deutschrap once again clearly positioning itself against racism. Niko BACKSPIN meets artists in Hanau and Frankfurt to talk to them about what the situation means for their lives - and how Deutschrap is now reacting to it.


What to do when the police strike? Niko BACKSPIN meets Terrell | TRACKSPLORER RAP & POLICE VIOLENCE:

Stuttgart rapper Terrell is blind in the left eye after a police control got out of hand. He now processes his experiences in rap songs. TRACKS visits the up-and-coming artist and takes a closer look at his case.

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