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TRACKSPLORER is the new hosted reportage format from Tracks. Together with hip-hop journalist Niko BACKSPIN, TRACKSPLORER explores exciting and in-depth stories from the rap world. The format portrays the people behind the art figure and makes visible the importance that hip-hop has for so many people. Be it residence problems, police violence or the confrontation with right-wing terror - away from the big business, it is often hard-hitting social issues that move the artists and their fans.

Pone produces music with his eyes. Niko Backspin meets the paralyzed producer 

Niko Backspin meets the exceptional musician and his wife Wahiba Gallart at their home in Gaillac, southern France, to see Pone's wonder eyes for himself.

Hip-Hop meets soccer: Olympique de Marseille founds rap label OM Records

A soccer club founding a rap label - That has only happened with Olympique de Marseille so far. In no other city in the world are hip-hop and soccer as closely linked as they are here. Niko Backspin meets the makers of OM Records and also talks to critics of the label about hip-hop and soccer between passion and commerce.

Drill conquers Deutschrap: How much violence is really in the "forbidden genre"? 

Niko Backspin meets drill rappers from Germany, France, the UK and the US to talk to them about the controversial genre of drill. With Prettyfacecapi, CJ, Digga D and Gazo.

The first interview since the explosion. Niko BACKSPIN meets Dr. Knarf 

In February 2017, a recording studio exploded in Cologne, where the rapper Dr. Knarf was not only working on the completion of his album, but also wanted to produce highly concentrated cannabis extract. The Cologne rapper survived the explosion only with severe burns and was in a coma for months. While rumors circulated on the Internet about his supposed death, Dr. Knarf fought his way back to life.

The Syrian Rap Diaspora. Niko Backspin meets Moudy Alarbe, Bu Kolthoum, Al Darwish

A bloody civil war has been raging in Syria for almost ten years, with no end in sight. Many stars of the local rap scene have left the country and are now making music in Europe, which is streamed millions of times in the Arab world but goes largely unnoticed by European media. Other rappers, such as Volcano, have stayed in Syria and are drawing attention with lyrics that celebrate the regime and the Syrian army. Niko Backspin meets Syrian exiled rappers Al Darwish, Moudy Alarbe and Bu Kolthoum, as well as Saudi Arabian hip-hop journalist Big Hass.


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