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Cody chesnutt & Irma


As the Frankfurt Book Fair was being held in October 2017, the US titan of soul Cody ChesnuTT joined the French singer-songwriter Irma to give a top-class concert. The encounter between these two musical extremes turned into an unforgettable evening at the ZOOM Club in Frankfurt.

For some time, Cody ChesnuTT had slipped beneath the musical radar. Then, last autumn, ChesnuTT announced he was going on tour and would be to introducing songs from his forthcoming album “My Love Divine Degree” live and, to whet people’s appetites, he released the single “I Stay Ready”. Before long, comments like this appeared: “ChesnuTT is able to mend wounds – with music, with rhythm, with a clap of his hands and a stomping of his foot, with a chord on his guitar and the cooling warmth of his soul voice.” The press concurs that he is one of the most exciting pop musicians of the day, especially thanks to his incredible energy as a live performer.

Irma, the French singer-songwriter of Cameroonian descent, started as a French YouTube sensation and has risen to become a true pop star, climbing up the charts and receiving huge recognition among her fellow musicians. Light, melancholy and nevertheless funky: that is what characterises Irma, the woman with the guitar and the gentle voice. At this joint concert with Cody ChesnuTT, she presents her new, as yet unpublished songs during an unforgettable evening in the ZOOM Club in Frankfurt.

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