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Early Birds is a tragic comedy, a short film about poverty in old age, about dignity and death.

What does aging in dignity mean? Three pensioners who live as subtenants on tiny pensions want to have a real sense of themselves one last time during this twilight of their lives. In order to escape the sadness of everyday life in old-age poverty, they start planning a big heist.

Starring: Hermann Beyer, Hark Bohm, Axel Werner, Horst Westphal


Authors: Charlotte Wetzel, Caroline Jung, Benjamin Kempf-Siemens

Director: Benjamin Kempf-Siemens, Rainer Binz

Early birds

Finding themselves in financial dire straits, Ede, Jossi and Pit have moved in with Hans, old men sharing an apartment. All of them are well over 70 and they all have their quirks and eccentricities; yet they try living together once again as a community. The question of aging in dignity arises and the four men try to come up with an answer, increasingly becoming entangled in criminal schemes, beyond their kitchen table. In the event, it is not just the differences in their characters that cause tensions between the four protagonists.

Foto: Achim Liebsch

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