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Die Geschichte des Streetdance

Part 1: The Beginnings

With important contemporary witnesses and breathtaking dance scenes, the two-part documentary tells the story of the global triumph of so-called street dance. From the Cake Walk to Lindy Hop and the Shuffle by James Brown to the Moonwalk by Michael Jackson, the first part tells of the cultural roots of the dances that today define global dance culture.

1 episode à 52 Minutes

Part 2: I Dance My Story

1 episode à 52 Minutes

The second part of the documentary tells of the international triumph of hip-hop, which reaches Europe in the mid-1980s. Along with London, Paris becomes the European center of the Danses Urbaines. It is dancers from Haiti or Martinique who bring their dances to the metropolis of Paris in the 80s, where Jazz Rock, one of the first European forms of street dance, emerges. Together with dance pioneers like Gabin Nussier and Niels "Storm" Robitzky, viewers follow the emergence of a new European dance culture between Paris and Berlin.

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